To Parents of Teens:

So often, by the time our kids turn into adults, we realize we haven’t given them much guidance on how to be successful out there in the real world of business.

Here are 4 simple things any teen can do today to give themselves a leg up later.

To Teens:

It might feel a little early to think about the “real world” of being responsible for yourself and making your own money but it’s not!

The good news is that there are some really easy, and potentially enjoyable, steps you can take now to make your transition into professional adulthood easier and potentially more successful.

  1. Get an email with your name (real name) in it., i.e., something like “ In the professional world, where you want people to be able to remember you and find you easily, this is an important step towards getting “found”.
  2. Go to and buy the URL with your first and last name in it. (www.Your All you need is a debit card to purchase the domain for a couple of years. You can put an online resume or portfolio here now and in the future or even a full-blown business at some point.
  3. Create a simple professional LinkedIn profile. Almost all headhunters (people who get paid to find employees for companies) use Linked In these days. It’s good to get on there early and start developing some professional contacts.a
  4. Create a professional Facebook page. Yes, it’s fun to post photos of events and parties and stuff but just know that every potential employer, every potential landlord, even potential roommates can check you out to find out who the REAL you is.

Just some tips from Aunt E and Aunt Jan (aka Elisabeth Donati and Jan Ruskin, authors of Rocks to Riches)