Money Game Supply ListAfter doing several short one-day programs where I focus mostly on The Money Game and maybe add one or more Extra Activities, I have developed a basic supplies list that I always use to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything (because there’s nothing more frustrating and embarrassing then forgetting one or more of the supplies you absolutely must have to teach kids about money).

Now that’s it’s perfected, I thought perhaps you’d like it also. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to modify to fit. Just right click on the link below to download the Word file to your own computer.

Have fun!

Money Game Day Supply List

  1. Flip chart and flip chart paper
  2. Large flip chart markers
  3. Masking Tape
  4. Music source (ipod, computer, phone)
  5. Speakers
  6. Electric cords
  7. Money Game Materials
    1. Money Game Bags (11)
    2. Game Registers
    3. Paycheck Money
    4. Passive Income
    5. Asset Chips
    6. Event Cards
    7. Outline/manual if you’re still learning
  8. Tax Hats
  9. Pencils/sharpener (not pens)
  10. Large principles (limited set if desired)
  11. Money Jars
  12. Moola
  13. Play Money
  14. Extra Activities (if you have them planned)
    1. Money Jars
    2. Debate Cards
    3. Budget Sheets
    4. Calculators
    5. Jars Handout Sheets
    6. Language of Money Strips
    7. Student markers
    8. $1,000,000 vs. Penny a Day sheets
    9. Be, Do, Have sheets
  15. Food and water
  16. Throat lozenges
  17. Camera
  18. Video camera if recording
  19. Comment forms if appropriate

Money Game Day Supply List (word document – easy to modify)