We’ve covered some basic questions here that are also included in the Instructional Manual. As you learn and play the game, you will probably have additional questions. Please give us a call at 805-957-1024 or email us at info@creativewealthintl.org

A. This is one of my favorite questions to answer. Think of it this way…if you didn’t learn basic money skills when you were 16, do you know them when you’re 36? Here’s another scenario…if you’re going to build a house, don’t you always start with a strong foundation? Yes, you do.

So the answer is, “There are adults in the adult program!” We have taught our adult financial education camps with the exact same games, activities and information that we use in our youth financial education program and quite frankly, it’s a profound experience for most adults and here’s why…

When you teach a child something new, it’s new. They don’t know any different. They just say, “Oh, cool.

When you teach an adult something that they then realize they SHOULD have been taught,