Dear Financial Educator,

Are you looking for a unique, highly effective, activity-based, information-rich, imagination-igniting financial education program for your students (ages 10 and up…and I mean UP)? Great…you’re in the right place.

Imagine for a moment that the world of money was simply a game and to win the game, all you had to do was learn, and use, the rules to that game.

Guess what? If you learn the simple, time-tested financial tools and habits that help people become financially free, you and your students can win The Money Game and be financially free, too.

With The Money Game® you can teach kids and adults about money and investing in a way that is relevant, effective and as much fun to teach as it is to play!

the money game


Help Us Improve Financial Literacy of YOUR Students or Children

My name is Elisabeth Donati and I’ve been putting on money camps for kids and teens called Camp Millionaire since 2002. I developed this program after realizing in my 30’s that the only reason I didn’t understand money was because no one taught me about money! 

I realized that for a financial education game to be effective and for kids to really understand and remember the information, the program had to be:

  • Activity-based
  • Interactive
  • Experiencial
  • Lots of fun
  • Relevant
  • Enjoyable for teachers or group leaders to use with their students

The Money Game® was developed with all those criteria in mind.

We all know there’s a HUGE financial literacy problem in America and Internationally.

The signs are everywhere…

  • flipchartAdults are in debt up to their eyeballs.
  • Governments are laying off employees, cutting hours and raising taxes because most of the adults who run them don’t understand money and finances either.
  • Our federal government makes it all but impossible to teach kids the life-skills they need to be successful because all of the unnecessary testing requirements.
  • Parents think schools should teach kids about money; schools think it’s the parent’s responsibility. This means it’s rarely taught in school OR at home.
  • Though several states have made financial literacy mandatory, rarely are there funds to teach it and what IS taught is often boring and inadequate.
  • Many teachers are uncomfortable teaching a subject they don’t understand and aren’t actively practicing.
  • Most of the programs used in schools are dull and boring and rarely cover the financial lessons we most need…like investing!
  • Our youth are programmed to think in terms of jobs but JOBS don’t usually set people free…teaching kids entrepreneurship and showing them how to be the CEOs of their own lives is what creates financially free adults.

My Passion And Purpose: Build the Most Powerful Financial Education Program Ever

I had three painful realizations in my mid-30’s.

  • I realized that I didn’t know enough about managing and investing my money.
  • I realized I was going to have to teach myself.
  • I realized I was not alone…everyone I talked to seemed to be in the same boat.

Once I become aware of how little we are taught about money, I started noticing that people everywhere were talking about money…in the store, at the gas station, at parties, IN A BATHROOM STALL on the cell phone.

I was shocked. People were lost in the game of money with no roadmap of what to do or how to win the game.

About this time, a retired business attorney named Walt, wrote a letter to the editor of our local newspaper asking this simple question: “When, as a nation, are we going to start teaching our children about money?”

I stopped dead in my tracks. Something struck me deeply and I knew I had to do something about the lack of financial education around the world. I said out loud, “Why doesn’t someone create a money camp for kids where they learn what none of us are taught in school?”

“Just wanted to say we had HEAPS of FUN playing The Money Game!” Anita from New Zealand

Financial Games Are The Best Way To Learn About Money

the money game

When I first started exploring the world of financial education, I ordered all of the financial literacy curriculums I could get my hands on. They were boring and irrelevant. But most of all, the existing financial literacy curriculums didn’t teach the information I wished I HAD LEARNED when I was young!

Things like…