Back by popular demand, parents this summer have the rare opportunity let someone else make sure their teens know exactly what it’s going to take to move out and live on their own.

Most parents admit they wished they’d learned this stuff when before they moved out. This summer, teenagers can spend 3 fun-filled days at Moving Out! for Teens learning how to find an apartment, take care of a car, buy groceries and more and stay within their budget. They’ll also explore different ways to make money, explore the truth about credit cards and oh, yeah, how to manage and grow their money so they can be productive, contributing members of society. Moving Out! for Teens is presented by Creative Wealth International, June 28-30, 2013 in Santa Barbara.

“Every year I get calls from parents all over the United States begging us for our Moving Out! for Teens program.” says Elisabeth Donati, creator of Camp Millionaire,® The Money Game® and founder of Creative Wealth International. “By empowering our teens with the information they need to be fully responsible for themselves when they move out and live in the adult world, we’ve done our best to prepare them to live life fully.

Moving Out for TeensThis 3-day financial and life-skills workshop is open to parents as well (if their teen is willing to have them join in the fun). Participants not only get hands-on experience with things like filing out applications, buying cars and groceries, cleaning apartments and creating budgets, they also get first hand experience from the parents who often share some pretty valuable ‘been there, done that’ stories.

Space is limited to 25 teens ages 14-19. We promise to deliver teenagers back to their parents far better prepared to face the financial challenges of being an adult. For more information, visit or call Elisabeth Donati at 805-957-1024.