We all know that financial literacy ‘should’ be a required subject in our schools, preparing our kids and teens to go out into the world and not only handle money wisely but be able to invest it so it works for them instead of them always working for it.

We also know that people all over the world are trying to put on programs for kids of every age to give them the opportunity to learn the financial education lessons they should be learning at home and at school.

The big question is…how do you promote financial education programs to your community in a way that entices both the parents to sign them up and the kids to want to go?

Great question and a big question at that. Since most financial education programs are boring and taught in a lecture/worksheet sort of way, kids figure a money camp or personal finance class is going to be boring, period.

This is where The Money Game and Camp Millionaire change the face of financial literacy education where ever YOU go.

So how DO you get the word out? Well, given the communication methods of our time…electronics…we must go where the parents are and that’s Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, dare I say Twitter, and other social networks.

How exactly do you use social media to promote your financial education programs to get the word out? Well, you learn a little about each one and do what you can. Here’s a short primer followed by about a 60 minute teleseminar I recently did to teach Money Game and Camp Millionaire Instructors some basics.

The Bare Essentials

You must have profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You must have a YouTube account and use it.

You must learn how to interconnect them in a way so that you don’t spend your entire day in front of the computer.

There’s a lot to learn if you’re just beginning so rather than my listing it all out, please click on this link to listen to the teleseminar I did on Social Media Basics for Financial Literacy Program.

After you’ve listened to the teleseminar, feel free to send me specific questions (info @ creativewealthintl.org ). You can also simply Google it or do a search for social media lessons on YouTube.

Now get out there. We have lives to change!