Welcome to the wonderful world called The Money Game.

The Money Game is a financial literacy game ‘event’ where the players (kids, teens or adults) are literally the pieces.

What being the pieces means is that the players move around the room and experience the wonderful world of financial education in a whole new way…they experience it viscerally, in other words, they actually DO the things that most programs try to TELL them to do.

The get a paycheck, they learn to Pay Themselves First, they buy assets and get to experience receiving passive income…the stuff financial freedom is made of!

The Money Game was created as the major underlying activity of Camp Millionaire…a financial education that is taught in a fully experiential way. Using accelerated learning techniques, i.e., teaching that is visual, auditory and kinesthetic, we teach kids the language of money in a whole new way…in an exciting, fun to play game!

Ways The Money Game can be used…

  • Traditional classroom setting
  • Private school programs
  • Homeschool group activities
  • Afterschool programs
  • Foster Care programs
  • Birthday party event
  • Church youth group events
  • Day-long or multi-day events
  • Camp settingsFamily Reunions
  • Tradeshow/convention/meeting events
  • Corporate retreats for employees or their children
  • Government groups
  • Employee benefit education events

Basically, anywhere you have a group of kids, teens or adults who need to learn ‘how money works, you can play The Money Game and be sure that the players leave your program knowing a lot more about money than they did before they played the game.

And if all goes well, they’ll leave having experienced Financial Freedom for the very first time in their lives.