In all of my years teaching kids about money and investing, I have rarely run across a child who, given the opportunity, can’t come up with a myriad of great ideas for a business in the ‘starting a business’ activity we do in Camp Millionaire.

Kids just seem to be naturally born creators, and though I have my thoughts and opinions about how we squelch this in school, this little process will help you inspire them to continue creating.

Our goal? To have them realize on their own how cool it is to invent things that make our lives more fun, more convenient and just downright easier.

The Grateful Entrepreneur Game

Here’s what you do…

Sometime when you’re out with your child(ren), start the ‘game’ by saying, “I’m so grateful that someone invented…” and fill in the blank with something relevant to what you’re doing at the time.

Grateful for Spoon

As an example, last night I was out with the 13-year-old daughter I didn’t have to give birth to, Jessica, and we went out for frozen yogurt (I love the tart flavors!). We walked out of the store with our respective cups in hand and I said, “I am so grateful someone invented spoons!” Then I simply said, “What are you grateful for that someone invented?” And off we went.

We took turns all the way home and I finished by asking her, “What could YOU invent that people would be grateful for?” She smiled and said she’d think about it.

And THINKING about it is precisely what we want them to do. And we want to KEEP them thinking until they finally come up with an idea they can turn into their very own business so they don’t ever have to work for anyone else…unless they want to.

What are you waiting for?

Go play the Grateful Entrepreneur Game with your children today!