There’s a great new site called Manny Goldman gives you some wonderful resources to learn and grow in a multiple of ways.

One of the things that I am committed to is staying open to all new information. I teach all my participants the following:

1) The three most dangerous words in the English language: I know that!

“I know that.” causes the mind to shut down and not listen to new information. Most of the time we say this it’s in response to a story or a tidbit of information or someone else’s opinion about something. The problem lies, however, in what happens to our brains when we say this. It literally shuts down so we aren’t open to any information that follows. My suggestions?…use the next three words.

2) The three most amazing words in the English language: I wonder why?

“I wonder why…? automatically causes our brains to search for answers to things we might not have thought previously. It gives a curious tone to our words and creates a sense of wonderment instead of judgement or ego. So, next time someone cuts you off on the highway, ask yourself, “I wonder why they did that?” instead of getting all upset about it. I promise it will help you lower your stress on a daily basis and put a smile on your face more often as well!

Good luck. I wonder why people love to wonder why?

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