“But mommy…just go to the ATM and get some money.”

Sound familiar? We might laugh, but the truth is…kids really do think that’s where money comes from because that’s where they see us get it from. But what do you say when you’re out of money temporarily and you CAN’T go get money from the bank; you have to wait until the next paycheck to actually have money again?

Well, why not tell the truth? Why do we feel so bad about not knowing how to manage our money when really…most people are never taught how when they are young…in school or at home.

Let’s not just tell the truth, though. Let’s take it one step further…let’s open up the conversation about money while our children our young. Let them learn about it slowly, over time, as topics come up. This means, of course, that you must talk to them about money and so many parents just don’t know when, or how, to do this.

It’s been said that parents would rather talk to their kids about drugs and ‘you know what’ than talk to them about money. That’s because we make money, or rather how much or how little we have of it, mean something about who we are as human beings. In fact, it rarely means anything. Our self-worth needn’t have anything to do with our net-worth. But often we let it.

Financial Wisdom Coloring Book

Financial Wisdom Coloring Book

So, what do you do? How do you start the money conversation with your kids? So glad you asked!

How about using a new kids coloring book designed just for this purpose. The Financial Wisdom Coloring Book for Kids & Parents is designed for just that purpose.

This financial coloring book for kids (and their adults) contains the 26 Creative Wealth Principles that are taught in Camp Millionaire…the brilliant brain-child of author and entrepreneur, Elisabeth Donati.

On the right are cute pictures for your kids to color. On the left is information that will help you teach your little one about the picture on the right and there’s even a little image for YOU to color, too. All the images of the book were created by Shayla Gordon, age 15 and her father, Steve Gordon, is the brain child behind the project.

Originally it was just going to be a fun little money coloring book but it quickly developed a personality and life of it’s own. Part of the proceeds from the sales of the book will go to Shayla to help her with college. She’s very excited about using the skills and information she learned in Camp Millionaire about developing streams of passive income from intellectual property (like books, e-books, plays, etc.). She is on her way to being one financially successful young lady!

Making the topic of money enjoyable to talk about is the first step of many steps necessary to raise a money savvy adult out of those little ones of yours. For more information about ordering your kids their own money coloring book, please check it out here. You’ll be so glad you did.

Oh, the critter on the front? That’s Super CEO Mouse. He’s our mascot and you’ll be seeing him more in the future. Stay tuned. Our plans include teaching your child everything he or she needs to know about money in a fun and playful way, with your involved for the entire process. Enjoy…