All over America, and also the world, parents and teachers are looking for financial literacy instructors to teach their kids and students the personal finance lessons most of us never learned as kids.

The only problem is that those instructors can be really hard to find!

Enter…The Money Game Coach!

Money Game/Camp Millionaire Coaches February 2011

The Money Game Coach is an individual who has The Money Game and knows how to use it, i.e., he or she has purchased our financial education game so they can either teach their own kids, the kids down the street or the kids in a classroom. And most of these individuals have a HUGE passion for teaching kids and teens about money.

What this means to you is that they are willing to come to you to play The Money Game with your group of kids or students.

As The Money Game is launched around the world, this list of Coaches will expand. If you want to see if someone is in your area, visit our Money Game Coach Page.

Here’s a photo of our latest ‘batch’ of Camp Millionaire Coaches. Since they all have learned how to play The Money Game, they are available to help you teach your group a thing or two about money.

Let us know how we can help!