This post is meant to clarify the difference between the Camp Millionaire licensing program and The Money Game.

I’m going to frame it in terms of how you learn and use both programs. Keep in mind that the Camp Millionaire program uses The Money Game in every program, except short versions where you’re just doing some of the CM activities.

Camp Millionaire Financial Education Program

First, you have the Camp Millionaire branding. This program can be as short as 3 hours if you’re just doing a few activities to a full five-day summer camp to a 12 week school program, or longer, taught one period each week. We have a gal locally teaching Fridays for 9 weeks. Her kids LOVE Fridays best!

In order to use the whole program from the beginning, you have a couple of choices:

1) Attend our 5 day training here on the West Coast. We won’t ever do this on the East Coast. We tried a couple of times and it just took too much shipping of supplies and such. Cost is $995 or $795 for teachers or nonprofit employees. This allows you to do anything you want with the program once the licensing fees are paid. Either $39.95/month or $395/year…less for nonprofits and teachers.

2) You can purchase the home-study program for $895 and learn how to teach the program at home. The only thing you can’t do with the curriculum by learning it this way is a full on 5 day camp. As I mentioned on the phone, we know from experience that it takes the live training in order for people to do this. The licensing fees are still required.

How The Money Game fits into this equation…

• With the above two scenarios, you use the Camp Millionaire branding which includes using The Money Game branding. You have full access to The Money Game membership site and there is no additional fee for the monthly activities (which are $14.95 if you purchase only the game) because you have licensed everything from the start.

• If you only purchase The Money Game, you have access to the stand-alone game and it’s activities, with the option of a new activity each month for as long as you’re in the Major League Players Program which is $14.95.

Bottom line:

• If you get trained and license the Camp Millionaire program up front, you have access to everything.

• If you purchase The Money Game AND join the Major League Players program you eventually will have access to the entire Camp Millionaire program but you can’t use the Camp Millionaire branding.

• If you purchase The Money Game only, you have access to the basic game activities, plus the free activities that are included (and which we will continue to make available as time goes by

I hope that makes sense. If it doesn’t, just let me know.