For anyone to do anything, they usually have to have a compelling reason to do so. Regardless of age, doing something ‘just because’ doesn’t generally work too well.

This is the exact reason why you must help children provide their own compelling reason for starting a business. Let’s take, for example, two situations for have the potential to move your child toward becoming a budding entrepreneur.

Classic Lemonade Stand

Classic Lemonade Stand

The first situation happens when your child wants something so badly that they will do anything to have that thing. When your child comes to you and says, “Mom, Dad, I really want a blah, blah, blah.” You simply say, “Great, I really want you to have that, too. How are you going to make the money to buy it?” This gets them thinking and empowers them to create their own way in life.

The second situation happens when you hear them say, “Why don’t they make that this way?” or “Someone should make something that does this or that.” This is a sure sign that they have the creative edge of a true entrepreneur. Foster this budding creativity simply by saying, “That’s a great idea! Let’s make one!”

Regardless which situation happens, encourage your children, help them do the research they need to get started and support them every step of the way. Through failure and success, you are creating a human being who’s willing and able to take responsibility for creating life on his or her own terms. Now that’s something any parents can be proud of.