So, how did you do with your first WEALTHWork assignment? Did you come up with your list of things you love and don’t love to do? Good job if you did. If you didn’t, why didn’t you? That’s a whole ‘nother lesson in that for you. Let’s assume you did. The next questions I want you to answer are? 1) What percentage of your time during your ‘work’ day DO you spend time doing what you love? and… 2) What percentage of your time do you spend doing what you don’t love? Once you have those two questions answered, ask yourself this final question: Who could you get to do some or all of those things that you don’t want to do and How could you get them to do them. I read two amazing books a few months ago: <a href=””>The Four Hour Workweek</a> by Timothy Ferris and <a href=””>Your Portable Empire</a> by Pat O’Bryan. Both of these books just substantiated things I had been suspecting about work and life and making a lot of money. But even more so, they showed me HOW! They are amazing resources that deal with how to get us out of this perpetual rat race we seem to be in. Have you noticed that almost everyone you know is ‘too busy’, exhausted from trying to do too many things, spread too thin, stressed out and aging faster than they should be? Me too. And I include myself in that category often. Luckily, I work from my home (my kitty prefers me home, what can I say) and I love the topic of my work. That’s what makes it so worthwhile and fun for me. Well, that’s enough for now. Please answer the questions above and when you get to the last two, read the two books listed above. I promise, if you’re like everyone (literally) I have talked to who has read these two books, you won’t be able to put them down AND you’ll start evaluating how you do the ‘money’ part of your life big time!