We’ve started to get some really fun suggestions from all of you who are using the game to teach kids and teens and adults about money with The Money Game. I was thinking I’d make a suggestion page in the manual but then I realized THAT would be way too much work and I’d constantly have to resubmit it to the printer. Yuk. It’s about leveraging our time, right?

So instead, I’m going to start posting your great suggestions on this page and hopefully they will spark even more ideas. As you read them, if you come up with more, send them our way to info @ winthemoneygame.com

From Anita in New Zealand:

YAY YAY YAY.  Have just finished teaching/playing the money game with my Math class.  This time I did it in blocks of 1 hour over 2 weeks  (which is our Math cross grouping time).  It was really cool to be able to ‘re-cap’ before each day began.  I am going to get the kids to write what they liked about it and why next week so will email a few through to you.

When all the students had WON, I awarded the first person that was able to ‘retire’ (sit and watch the others ‘work’) a gold chain with a dollar sign on it – it was just form the $2 shop but he was ecstatic!!

From Amy

#1.  Piddlyjunk:  After the first round the kids were not investing in this, but there was no real draw for them to do so.  One of the people helping me suggested I go and get something the kids would really like and tempt them.  So I went and got some homemade chocolate covered grahams.  Then they started buying piddlyjunk…or at least made the decision to wait until they had enough money to buy it and hoped it would still be there when they had the money.  This made it more realistic as we are constantly tempted to buy Starbucks when we are thirsty or a sandwich when we are out and about and hungry.  By waiting to introduce the grahams, the kids were starting to get hungry, so it was a real draw.

#2.  The kids wanted to keep playing even after they had “won” the game.  So I put each of the three chips in one envelope each and had someone choose an envelope.  The chip in the envelope chosen would suffer an awful fate…if it was the stock market chip the stock market would suffer a horrible blow and as a result they had to give up all their stocks.  This was interesting as some of the kids chose to purchase more stock after they lost all theirs in the crash…afterall, it is a good buy as they can only go up from there!  Also, it shows it was good to diversify.