“The best defense is a good offense.”
~ Dan Gable, Olympic gold medalist and most successful coach in history.

Imagine trying to teach your child to be a major league pitcher but never giving him a ball to throw, never putting him on the field, never giving him a glove and, oh yeah, never teaching him the rules. Picture your child wanting to play the flute with no instrument, no music and no lessons. This is what money is like for most young adults. They rarely are given a chance to learn how to use it wisely. Most of them learn how to spend it. Spending it, however, doesn’t lead to financial success or freedom!

Learning to do more than simply spending money is why providing your child with an allowance is so critical. Practice is how lessons are learned and habits are formed. One of our Creative Wealth coaches uses the adage, “Repetition is the mother of skill.” If this is true, and I believe it is, then only through the actual practice of using money will a child truly learn to use this resource wisely. That’s why allowances are important. No practice; no lessons. No lessons; no skill. No skill; well?.?.?. we know what happens when there’s no skill. You have a society like ours that’s deep in debt with no knowledge of how it got there or how to get out. I want to change this situation and I need your help!

My Goals for this book

1) Provide you, the parent, grandparent, or guardian with a simple tool to prepare your child to use his financial resources wisely, while at the same time, use it to benefit his family, his community and, to a larger extent, the world around him.
2) Provide you with a way to reduce the stress and number of arguments you may have with your children.
3) Provide you with a way to reduce the amount of money it takes to raise a fiscally responsible adult.
4) Provide you with a sense of security that you are raising an adult (not a child) who will be able to take care of himself and his family after he leaves home. We don’t want you to have to provide him with ‘adult child outpatient care.’
5) Provide you with the peace of mind that you’re doing your very best to prepare him for a happy, healthy, wealthy and wise life. After he moves out, you can sit back and let him figure the rest of it out on his own.
6) And finally, my biggest goal of all: Provide you with the tools you need to help grow a new generation of adults who value balanced budgets (to become fiscally responsible politicians), a clean environment and opportunity for all.