F.A.Q: Presentation to ask for Sponsorship

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Question from Money Game Coach: I am doing a presentation to a Financial Institution in August with the aim to have them sponsor ME to run the 'Money Game' in schools and/or as an after school program. If you have any tips I would love to her them! Answer: Hi...in response to your question about [...]

F.A.Q. How many hours can you teach with this program?

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How many hours you can teach with The Money Game depends on the following... How many students/players you have. The larger the group, the longer it takes to teach each round. How many rounds of the game you decide to play in one hour. You can play them quickly or more leisurely. The number of [...]

Accelerated Presentation Reminders

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Here's a quick list of things to remember when using accelerated learning techniques to teach The Money Game® to any group of kids, teens or adults. Of course, these apply to any topic and any group of learners! When doing your Presentations, think About: Audience Culture Religion Beliefs Age Marital status Group dynamic Gender Socio-economic [...]

Great Testimonial (and new ideas) from Anita in New Zealand

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"Just wanted to say we had HEAPS of FUN playing the Money Game. Because it was my first time, and I wanted to be sure all the kids 'won' - I opted for the short version where they received $200 for each asset they owned. I chose to make the kids 'work' for me at [...]

FAQ: Why are the game bag amounts different than the money jar amounts?

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This is a great question. It was sent it by Elisa, one of our licensees in Monterey, Mexico. Her specific question was: Question: Why aren't the money jar percentages aligned exactly with the money game expenses? For example, why isn't there savings bag in the money game and why is donation 10% in the money [...]

How Long Does It Take To Play The Money Game?

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Q. How long does the game take? A. As with all things in life, the answer is...It depends! But here are some scenarios that will help you figure out how long your Money Game session needs to be. In order to figure out how long the game will take, keep these points in mind: The [...]

Can I teach The Money Game in a Short Time Frame?

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Q. I am trying to figure out how to offer The Money Game. I want to do it in schools as well as part of a Park District Class/Course but don't know if it is two classes of 2 hours each or what. A. Two classes of 2 hours each will work if you are [...]

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