Announcing our 2011 Money Game Trainings

By |2017-01-18T08:11:58+00:00January 20th, 2011|Money Game Specific, Money Game Training Workshops|

It has become very clear over the years that though Camp Millionaire is a rocking fabulous program any way you want to teach it (1 day to 5 days or more), it is just a whole lot of information to get under your belt to teach well. Our 5-day Train-the-Trainer changes we've been told [...]


By |2017-01-18T08:12:15+00:00May 25th, 2008|WEALTHWork™|

OK, so here's what's going to happen. In our programs, we don't have HOMEwork, we have WEALTHwork because it's at HOME that people who end up wealthy generally do the WORK involved with getting there. So, I'm going to start providing all sorts of WEALTHwork for you to do. Here's your challenge: You need to [...]

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