Financial Iliteracy is not just an American problem

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Financial Literacy for Young People by Safaa Nhairy For those of you who might think that it's only Americans that need a little (or a lot) brushing up on their financial skills, read on... British adults also suffer from a lack of basic financial education in their schools. According to statistics, 91 percent of British [...]

Financial intelligence redefined!

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Just a thought... What if our kids learned about math in school from their financial literacy classes? What if our kids learned about writing by preparing amazing business plans that could actually be funded and turned into real businesses to set the kids on incredible journeys of self-reliance, doing great and providing for others? What [...]

Current Allowance Theories

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Current Allowance Theories After doing quite a lot of research and talking to many parents over the past 6 years, I’ve noticed the following allowance approaches: The “No Allowance At All” Camp In my experience, parents in this camp usually didn’t get an allowance when they were young. A common opinion is that if it [...]

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