Allowance Secrets

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If you've ever wondered what the other EXPERTS think about allowances, check out this free ebook from Amanda van der Gulick of TeachingChildrenAboutMoney. She's doing a great job helping me help parents empower their kids and she loved my book so much she put together this book of what the experts thought. Enjoy...

Allowances and Children: Some Simple Facts of Life

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It's hard to disagree with the idea that in life we trade one thing for another. We trade our time and energy for money. We trade our time and energy for food, water, shelter, protection, and a whole lot more. In addition to trading 'things', we trade 'ways of being'. Adults trade being good employees, [...]

Ultimate Allowance author Elisabeth Donati has honor of interview with Robert Allen (video)

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For all of you financial freedom fans, you probably are not only aware of Robert Allen but you've read several of his books, especially Multiple Streams of Income. On my recent Internet Marketing Cruise (Jan. 09), I had the honor of asking Mr. Allen three specific questions: 1) How he learned about money and wealth [...]

Top 6 Personal Financial Obstacles – Part I

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A review of some of the key concepts within Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, in which he outlines the 6 personal obstacles to financial success, defines them in detail, and then describes how to overcome those obstacles. Part one of the series covers overcoming fear, and how actually investing your eggs in just [...]

Financial Skills for your Child – 7 Powerful Tips that give them a jump start to Financial Success

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A testimonial to the power of creating financial skills in your won children.  In order to give your children a head start in their financial life, there are seven important tips to follow. These steps include investing time in teaching your kids, limiting pocket money, encouraging small business ideas, and many other innovative and creative [...]

Home School Your Teen to Financial Success

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By adding financial literacy to a home school curriculum, parents can help to educate their children for future financial success. Current statistics show that public schools are horribly lacking when it comes to financial education. Considering the fact that surveys show over 70% of young adults turn to parents as a primary source of their [...]

Why Allowances for kids are so important.

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You may be thinking to yourself, “Is there something I can do to make sure my kids don’t move home after they move out?” In other words, you want a way to make sure they grow up to be financially self-reliant. I’m here to say, 'Yes, there are some relatively simple steps you can take [...]

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