Announcing our 2011 Money Game Trainings

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It has become very clear over the years that though Camp Millionaire is a rocking fabulous program any way you want to teach it (1 day to 5 days or more), it is just a whole lot of information to get under your belt to teach well. Our 5-day Train-the-Trainer changes we've been told [...]

What Do I Charge For A Money Game Day?

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Another great question. I've got it from many people over the years in regard to offering week-long or short format Camp Millionaire programs to school, park & rec departments, YMCAs, etc. Here are my suggestions. Step 1: Decide on the best format for your market. Ideas... All day program of at least 3 hours to [...]

Celebration…A Powerful Key To Learning and Remembering Information

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When was the last time you celebrated learning something? For some, celebrating comes easy but for most human beings, celebrating is attached to accomplishing something monumental. But think about the last time you watched, or glanced at, a football game. Those guys only have to get the ball down the field a few feet in [...]

10 Ways to Make Financial Education Fun & Effective

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Money. No matter how you look at it, on some level, you need it. You need it for shelter. You need it for food. And you need it for a zillion other things that make life a little more convenient and enjoyable. Whether you love it or despise it, it's part of life and the [...]

What is the difference between Camp Millionaire and The Money Game

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This post is meant to clarify the difference between the Camp Millionaire licensing program and The Money Game. I'm going to frame it in terms of how you learn and use both programs. Keep in mind that the Camp Millionaire program uses The Money Game in every program, except short versions where you're just doing [...]

We Reap What We Sow…Always!

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It is often when we find ourselves focused on the wrong things, wondering why we're not getting that which we wish... This activity was sent to us by one of our favorite Creative Wealth Coaches, Earnest Williams (Texas) a while back and when I stumbled on it today, I remembered what a wonderful process I [...]

So What IS The Money Game?

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We recently answered some basic questions about The Money Game from a Brazilian reporter. Thought you might enjoy the answers and that they will give you text to use in promoting your own Money Game Days! Enjoy... Q. Could you describe The Money Game? What exactly is it and how does it work? The Money [...]

Welcome to the exciting new world of The Money Game!

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Welcome to The Money Game. You have just made a commitment to the being part of the most profoundly effective solution to the question... "How do we teach a world full of children about money in a way that is relevant, effective and fun?" The Money Game is a financial education game 'event' where the [...]

Two Great Ways to Turn Your Children into Budding Entrepreneurs

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For anyone to do anything, they usually have to have a compelling reason to do so. Regardless of age, doing something 'just because' doesn't generally work too well. This is the exact reason why you must help children provide their own compelling reason for starting a business. Let's take, for example, two situations for have [...]

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