A few weeks ago I got a call from Inc.com’s Tamara Schweitzer, one of the online magazines staff writers on the subject of “How to Recession-Proof Your Kids”. There were several great contributions to this article, including yours truly. It’s worth your time to check it out), and this is especially true if you have children or plan to some day.

In this day and age of the masses seeming to struggle financially for one reason or another, it’s really time we stepped up the crusade to prepare all of our kids to not just handle money but be incredibly wise and resourceful and creative with in terms of how they make it, manage it and multiply it.


As I mention in my book, The Ultimate Allowance, igniting (or maintaining) your child’s natural entrepreneurial (that is such a long word) spirit, is one of the biggest gifts you can give him or her. It’s going to be entrepreneurs that help get this county on its feet again. Your child can be part of this solution.