Needs and Wants Activity Lesson

Helping people distinguish between Needs and Wants is critical when you’re teaching them how to make wiser financial choices with their money. Learning to use their Living Jar for their Needs and their Savings and Play Jars for their Wants is important.

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Our Money Game Wants and Needs Activity is in the form of a debate. You can be as silly or serious as you want to be with this debate. I love to put on my purple wizard cape and have my ‘magic’ wand handy to summon the person who wants to talk up to the front to state their case…so to speak.

What you have below is the activity

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My name is Elisabeth Donati and I started teaching financial education because NO ONE TAUGHT ME! If you're looking for financial education tools and lessons that are Fun, Effective, Engaging, and Entertaining, you are in the Right Place! We can't wait to help you teach others about money.

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