Welcome to Creative Wealth’s Online Train-the-Trainer program. (Please note that this training was filmed before the name of the program was changed to Camp Millionaire and at the beginning stages of when The Money Game was developed).

“As a 24-year veteran teacher I welcome new and innovative ways of teaching. When I met Elisabeth Donati, President/Founder of Creative Wealth and teacher extraordinaire of financial literacy, I literally found a treasure. What Elisabeth has developed and the fun-enthusiastic way she teaches financial principles is a God send for the Career Connections students at Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, California and our world. Camp Millionaire was the best gift my students received this year.” Lola, Santa Barbara High School teacher.

Train-the-Trainer Video Proggram

After watching the training below you will…

  • Understand the different ways people learn and retain information.
  • Know how to teach with the powerful accelerated learning techniques we use in our programs that make them so incredibly powerful, fun and effective.
  • Know how to take any old boring financial education lesson (and most of them are) and turn it into something your participants will enjoy and learn quickly from.
  • Have a better sense of what should be taught in all financial education programs (and it might not be what you think).

“I tested the accelerated learning process in class today and I’ve seen awesome results. My step daughter, who normally hates her classes, instantly changed!” ~ Ken P

How to use this Creative Wealth’s Train-the-Trainer videos

As with anything that you want to learn, it requires attention and practice. So, watch one of the video, take notes, participate as if you were there and practice the skills you learned in the video before going onto the next video. Remember it’s not about being perfect, it’s about participating. Only practice will help you become a dynamic and powerful financial education instructor.

What you get with our DVD Online Training:

• Entire Train-the-Trainer Video from a live training

• Some extra videos you might enjoy:-)

Don’t have access yet? Purchase your Creative Wealth Online Video Train-the-Trainer today and have immediate and life-time access to the best financial education program on the planet (OK, we’re a little biased but wait until you experience it!)

Only $149 for the entire online training to
become the best financial education instructor around!

“If you truly want to learn how to teach and entertain at the same time, this is the course for you. But be prepared – it’s not all just about financial literacy – this course is about life! An amazing experience, recommended to be taken by everyone. Thank you Elisabeth. I have been truly blessed and empowered by you!”~ Lisa Galota

NOTE: To use our complete Camp Millionaire Financial Education Curriculum, you must purchase and license the program. Learning and using the accelerated learning techniques we use to make our programs the most effective available require no license…only a desire to make a difference.


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