So now that you have The Money Game and the Instruction Manual, it’s time to watch a few training videos.  The quickest way to learn anything is to first watch it and then practice what you watch…with an emphasis on the practicing part!

You’re probably wondering where to start. Let us help.

You have three (3) options to choose from…two come with The Money Game and the third is a more advanced, comprehensive financial education training to invest in at a later time when you want more.


1) Instructional Videos

These 14 videos include:

  • Introduction to The Money Game
  • Answers to some basic ‘getting started’ questions
  • Options on how to play the game
  • How to set up your room
  • Live footage of Elisabeth Donati teaching a group of kids we put in a room for a day. Note: please excuse the one girl who looked miserable. She walked into the room that way and was unhappy all day long. You just can’t engage 100% but The Money Game engages 99% and we’ll take that percentage any day!

At the end of these 14 videos, you’ll have a good idea of what you’re in for:-) and how it looks to teach The Money Game to a small group of 10-13 year olds.

ACCESS THESE VIDEOS either by clicking on the Instructional Videos link in the navigation bar or click here.

2) Money Game Teacher Training Videos

These 19 videos are of an actual 1-day Money Game Teacher Training we hosted for a small group of teachers, financial advisors and others in Santa Barbara and are a great addition to the simply Instruction Videos above.

These videos are designed to teach you, the instructor/teacher, how to teach The Money Game to any age. The videos are divided into two sections:

  1. The first seven (7) rounds of The Money Game, i.e., the actual content. Each ’round’ is a pay period where the players get a paycheck and go through the motions of managing their money with the information you’re teaching them. (Never don’t under estimate the massive number of lessons kids, teens and adults learn from each lesson. We are constantly amazed by what people say they ‘get’ just by playing this fun game.)
  2. The Accelerated Learning techniques we use to teach The Money Game, Camp Millionaire and our adult trainings. And yes, we used accelerated learning to teach accelerated learning:-).
ACCESS THESE VIDEOS either by clicking on the Money Game Teacher Training Videos in the navigation bar or click here.

3) Creative Wealth’s 5-Day Train-the-Trainer Videos – EXTRA

These videos are from a live train-the-trainer we did several years ago.  The program covers our entire Camp Millionaire curriculum and the accelerated learning techniques in greater detail.

The live event (which is more fun than you’d ever expect to have with a bunch of grown adults with a passion for teaching kids about money) is $1495/$895 for nonprofts.

The cost of our Creative Wealth Online Train-the-Trainer is is only $149.

If there’s something you don’t get or understand after you’ve watched the included videos, let us know!

PURCHASE AND ACCESS THESE VIDEOS either by clicking on the TRAIN THE TRAINER link under the TRAINING VIDEOS link in the navigation bar or click here.


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