Want to listen and learn all about The Money Game? Here’s the audio of a teleseminar I did on October, 26th. And please forgive the scratchy throat. I was just coming down with a chest cold.

Money Game Teleseminar Audio File

Click here to read the transcription

On this 70 minute call, I shared with you…

  • History of The Money Game – How it came to be.
  • Why most financial literacy programs DO NOT work, i.e., why students don’t remember the information.
  • The secrets to The Money Game’s success in our Camp Millionaire, Moving Out and Creative Wealth for Women programs.
  • The powerful teaching method that will help you teach anyone anything in a way that sticks!
  • How YOU can use The Money Game to teach YOUR audience the basic money management and wealth creation principles they need to be financially responsible as adults (even if they are already adults!).

Hope you enjoy the call!