If you purchased The Money Game and love it AND can’t get enough, we’ve got great news. While our goal was to make the game as simple and self-contained as possible, we also realized you might want a few more financial education lessons to fill in the gaps if you are able to teach for longer periods of time with your group.

The first two lessons below are free for the taking…they’re kind of a given in that we teach them in every one of our Camp Millionaire programs and well, they’re just powerful lessons. The rest of them are only $14.95 each to purchase when, and if, you’re ready for more.

Each activity includes a detailed Lesson Template, any PDFs of materials you need for the activity, and, if we have it, video that shows you how to teach/play the activity with your participants or video of the kids during the lesson. In the event that the activity is easy to understand, there may not be a video.

Click on the activity below to access the post attached to it.

The Money Jars Activity Lesson (FREE with purchase)

Simple vs. Compound Interest Activity Lesson (FREE with purchase)

The Language of Money Activity Lesson

Code of Honor Activity Lesson

Needs and Wants Debate Activity Lesson

SSPs – Spending & Savings Plans

First Impressions Activity Lesson

Financial Principle Contest Activity Lesson

10-24-7: The Combination to a Life of Possibility

Assets and Liabilities Activity Lesson

The Money Cow Game Activity Lesson

Musical Chairs Supply & Demand Activity Lesson

Earning Vs. Making Money Activity Lesson

Financial Foursquare Activity Lesson (Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant)

Penny a Day Vs. Million Dollars Today Activity Lesson

TONS MORE LESSONS in the future…

Monkey Wants a Corner (wait until you see THIS one!)

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt Debate

Build a Business

Stocks vs. Mutual

The Garage Sale

The $7000 Car Question

Zip, Zap, Boing

…and a whole lot more.