Q. What is the minimum number and maximum number of players you can teach using The Money Game?

A. Our experience is this…

  • Minimum: Part of what makes The Money Game work so well and be so much fun is the energy that is created during the game. The music helps create the environment but the number of players also has a big impact on the energy. Though you CAN play The Money Game with your children and grandchildren, the game is generally played with a group. We have found through our experience that 6-8 is about the minimum. Again, if you are a parent, grandparent or guardian, simply create the smaller sized bags and play the game with your kids. It works great. For the smaller bags, download the home version on Your Materials page and go to a stationary store or box/bag supply store. You’ll need 11 bags in total approximately 5.5 wide, by 8.5 tall by 3” deep.
  • Maximum: We have played The Money Game with as many as 60 during a six-hour program at a local elementary school. The program was broken into two three-hour time frames during a single week. For each 25 players, you need to have an additional set of the Expense bags and the Asset Bags. It’s easy to create your own by simply downloading the PDF on Your Materials page, printing them out and going to a stationary store or box/bag supply store. You’ll need 11 bags in total approximately 10” wide x 13.5” tall x 5 deep.

Hope that helps. As always, send any questions about The Money Game to elisabeth @ winthemoneygame.com

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