We can’t tell you how excited we are that you decided to check out The Money Game! What you have here is the portion of our Instruction Manual with everything you need to use the Setup Activity with your students.

You’ll need the following materials to do the activity:

  • Money Game Paychecks – Click here to download and print on WHITE paper.
  • Four (4) hats, small boxes or containers marked as follows. Click here to download a PDF of the Tax Hats for you simply to print, cut and tape or glue:
    • Federal Taxes
    • State Taxes
    • Medicare
    • Social Security
  • Flipchart, chalkboard or dry erase board (what to draw is provided in the instructions)

Here is the Making Money vs. Earning Money Outline

That’s all there is to it. Have a great time and when you’re ready for more, please come back and visit this page to get the world’s most amazing financial education game!

The Money Game®

We can’t wait to see the difference you make.