That’s a great question. The answer is…”Everything” but it’s not quite as challenging as yo might think.

The Money Game materials

Basically, there are the following pieces (refer to image at the right):

1) The Expense Bags (there are 8 of them)

2) The Asset Bags (there are 3 of them)

3) Instructional Manual (you’ll print this)

4) Instructional Videos are available online to watch anytime you wish.

5) Paycheck money – printed on white and green paper, 3 up and cut.

6) Passive income – printed on white paper, 10 up and cut.

7) Event cards – one set printed on card stock, 8 up and cut.

8) Poker chips – easily found at a dollar-type store.

9) Game registers – printed, cut to size and glued on 6″ x 9″ envelopes.

10) Optional: Moola (used for incentives) – printed on green paper, 10 up and cut.

11) Optional: Black hats, buckets, boxes – used for Social Security Activity

12) Optional: Jars – used for Money Jar Activity, need 6 of them.

So, there you have it. and we provide explicit instructions on exactly how to prepare each piece so there’s no guesswork. And if you want to order the PDF version of the game but still order the paycheck money and/or the registers from us, just go here and order what you need:

We hope that helps.

The PDF version was designed for teachers and other with limited financial resources who have access to printing and paper at school or work.

Either way, The Money Game is just a fabulous way to teach kids, teens and adults about money and investing in a way that sticks!