In more than one way, the field of financial education, which is supposed to lead to an improved state of financial literacy for those who participate in courses, seminars, online teleseminars and more, is like a game.

The field of financial literacy is rife with organizations which promote financial education curriculums to those who wish to teach financial education. The only problem with those program is that most of them are boring and ineffective.

kids and money

Teaching Kids About Money

The question becomes, How DO you teach financial education in a way that is FUN and EFFECTIVE to a nation which is pretty dang financially illiterate at it’s core?

The answer? You teach it in a way that is fun and playful. You teach it to them in a way where they don’t even realize they’re learning about money. You teach them with The Money Game®!

Why does teaching financial education to kids, teens and adults in a game format work so much better than just standing in front of them and telling them what an IRA is and why they need to start saving early and investing in assets that make their money grow?

Because human beings learn best by doing, feeling, having emotion about something, having fun! You learn about money by experiencing money and you learn to manage and invest it by doing just that…by managing it and investing it.

In the context of playing The Money Game, participants learn to pay themselves first, not let their accounts go to $0, invest in assets and plan for ‘just in case’. They learn that most financially free people invest in the Three Pillars of Wealth: real estate, business and the stock market.

And the best thing of all, they realize that financial freedom is a something that anyone can experience if you just learn the rules to The Money Game, start early and develop a few really wise financial habits.

When learning about money is fun, learning about money is easy!