Just a thought…

What if our kids learned about math in school from their financial literacy classes?

What if our kids learned about writing by preparing amazing business plans that could actually be funded and turned into real businesses to set the kids on incredible journeys of self-reliance, doing great and providing for others?

What if our kids learned how to read by studying company’s prospectus’ and annual reports?

What is they learned bookkeeping by studying financial reports?

What if we taught kids about money by letting them handle ALL their own financial needs starting around age 8? Need a system, read The Ultimate Allowance.

What if they learned how to do good in the world by reading books abpit people who have done good?

What if they learned how to be ‘at cause’ instead of being ‘at effect’ in their lives by studying and reading books like Think and Grow Rich, As a Man Thinketh, Thinking Big, The Automatic Millionaire, The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Secret, The Answer, The Four-Hour Work Week and the thousand more that actually teach people relevant information they can use in life?

What if we stopped TESTING our kids and taught them instead?

What if we were concerned about HOW each child learned best and fed them information that way and only information they found relevant?

What if we taught kids that they are all geniuses of one type of another?

What if we taught kids to do good by having them spend days in nursing homes, homeless shelters, hospitals, etc.?

What is we taught kids about compassion by helping them help others?

What is we taught kids about taking care of the earth by having them clean and take care of their school instead of hiring janitors to pick up after them?

What if we abolished all testing by refusing to let our kids be tested? The real test in life is open book, based on one’s ability to be resourceful and if one finds happiness in what one does.

What is we did away with the No Child Left Behind Act that has left all the kids behind?

What if we start questioning more and putting our feet down more frequently and learned to say “NO”!

Wow, I get shivers down my spine just thinking about that!