My goal in life is to invite people to think differently about money than they have in the past. In other words, let’s explore the idea of money past its ability to buy stuff, and artificially make you feel safe and secure or make you feel like you’re smart or better than someone else who may not have as much money as you do or dumb and less than someone who has more money than you do.

Money is like a mirror into our soul. What we think about ourselves often times (but not always), shows up in a myriad of areas of our lives…places where we’d hardly ever expect to see glimpses of it.

Money can bring out the best in us…and the worst in us…and it can do within the scope of a minute simply by making something about money mean something it really isn’t.

My bottom line is that money is simply a tool to help us reach our dreams. Period. If we make it mean more than that simple truth, we’re in for big trouble. And we’ll explore ideas to keep money simple and real on these pages! Stay tuned…