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Increase the value of The Money Game® by adding incredibly powerful extra activities…

Once you master The Money Game, Expanding the
game is easy with our Extra Activities.

~ Available as a package or Ala Carte ~

You have already made the decision to invest in The Money Game…

  • Because you realize The Money Game teaches kids and teens (and the adults who love them) how to win in a very fun and highly effective game environment.
  • Because you know that for anyone to win The Money Game you have to be good at it.
  • Because to win The Money Game you know you have to know the rules to the game.
  • Because you want to be one of the best financial education teachers on the planet!
  • Because you want people to call YOU when they want someone to teach The Money Game to their students or group of kids.

If you’ve purchased The Money Game to teach a group of kids, teens or adults about money, we want to give you more powerful resources so that you can do what you love to do better…teach people about money!

The thing is, we’ve been developing our unique and effective curriculum since 2002 so there’s no need for you to create or reinvent the wheel. We’ve already done it for you!

But don’t get us wrong…The Money Game without the extra activites is a great and perfect introduction to personal finance principles, habits and information. It’s just that there is so much more we teach in our Camp Millionaire program, we wanted to give some of the most powerful lessons to you without you having to license the Camp Millionaire program.

Here’s the full list of Extra Activities (So Far)…

  • The Money Jars Activity Lesson (comes with purchase of The Money Game)
  • Simple vs. Compound Activity Lesson (comes with purchase of The Money Game)
  • The Language of Money Activity Lesson
  • Code of Honor Activity Lesson
  • Needs vs. Wants Debate Activity Lesson
  • SSP’s – Spending & Savings Plan Activity Lesson
  • First Impressons Activity Lesson
  • Financial Principle Contest Activity Lesson
  • 10-24-7: The combinataion to a Life of Possibility Activity Lesson
  • The Money Cow Activity Lesson
  • Musical Chairs Supply & Demand Activity Lesson
  • Earning vs. Making Money Activity Lesson
  • Financial Foursquare Activitiy Lesson
  • Penny a Day vs. Million Dollars Activity Lesson

Feel free to pop on over to The Money Game site to check out each activity in more detail.

NOTE: You can also purchase these activities ala carte for $14.95 each as you need them or you can purchase all 13 now as a package and we’ll make sure you get every new activity we make available without having to ever purchase another activity! How’s that for investing in the future?!

So here’s the deal…

Get all 13 Extra Actitivies now

Only $99.00 (savings of $95 at $14.95 each)

elisabeth donati

Elisabeth Donati

P.S. Remember, we’re always here to help you teach financial education in a more effective, fun manner.

P.P.S. Once you’re teaching financial education with The Money Game, you’ll wish you’d found it years ago.

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