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Home School Your Teen to Financial Success

By |2008-10-01T14:59:34+00:00October 1st, 2008|Financial Literacy News, Latest from Elisabeth|

By adding financial literacy to a home school curriculum, parents can help to educate their children for future financial success. Current statistics show that public schools are horribly lacking when it comes to financial education. Considering the fact that surveys show over 70% of young adults turn to parents as a primary source of their [...]

Financial Iliteracy is not just an American problem

By |2008-09-02T11:05:55+00:00September 2nd, 2008|Financial Literacy News, Latest from Elisabeth|

Financial Literacy for Young People by Safaa Nhairy For those of you who might think that it's only Americans that need a little (or a lot) brushing up on their financial skills, read on... British adults also suffer from a lack of basic financial education in their schools. According to statistics, 91 percent of British [...]

Family Goal Setting

By |2008-08-29T15:20:49+00:00August 29th, 2008|Financial Literacy News|

Set Goals as a Family - Succeed as a Family by Vince Shorb Setting financial goals together, as a family, allows each member of the family a feeling of ownership on the overall success of the family financial success. Setting these goals together creates unique bonds within a family, it takes into account the needs [...]

Financial intelligence redefined!

By |2008-07-08T21:43:01+00:00July 8th, 2008|Financial Literacy News, Financial Literacy/Intelligence, Latest from Elisabeth|

Just a thought... What if our kids learned about math in school from their financial literacy classes? What if our kids learned about writing by preparing amazing business plans that could actually be funded and turned into real businesses to set the kids on incredible journeys of self-reliance, doing great and providing for others? What [...]

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