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How Long Should It Take To Teach The Money Game?

By |2017-01-18T08:12:02+00:00November 9th, 2010|Money Game FAQ|

Question: Ideally, if we have, say, 20-30 participants, how long should the game typically take to play? Answer: Great question and the answer depends on some variables: How old are the participants?  Younger kids usually take more time to corral :-) and teens typically ask more questions which lead to great conversations. Are you going [...]

Does The Money Game Require A Licensing Fee?

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QUESTION: Would something have to paid to the company that produced this game to use the name, etc?  I am just concerned about any legal restrictions. ANSWER: No, it is not a licensing issue or anything like that. We don't charge the people who purchase the game a fee to put on events. They are [...]

Question: Using The Money Game® Brand

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For those of you exploring the idea of hosing The Money Game at a local college, university or other venture, you're going to have questions about using The Money Game® branding. Here's the question...and the answer. QUESTION: (from college administrator) "Can I/WE use a trademarked title of The Money Game as a course or class [...]

Money Game Teleseminar…learn about it here!

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Want to listen and learn all about The Money Game? Here's the audio of a teleseminar I did on October, 26th. And please forgive the scratchy throat. I was just coming down with a chest cold. Money Game Teleseminar Audio File Click here to read the transcription On this 70 minute call, I shared with [...]

What Do I Charge to Teach The Money Game?

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Question: How do I determine how much to charge for The Money Game? A. I always suggest reverse engineering the program and you can do that in many ways. First, if you're going to provide this program for an existing organization, ask them what length program and what price points have worked best in the [...]

How Long Does It Take To Play The Money Game?

By |2016-04-09T20:31:14+00:00October 17th, 2010|Money Game FAQ|

Q. How long does the game take? A. As with all things in life, the answer is...It depends! But here are some scenarios that will help you figure out how long your Money Game session needs to be. In order to figure out how long the game will take, keep these points in mind: The [...]

Minimum and Maximum Players in The Money Game

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Q. What is the minimum number and maximum number of players you can teach using The Money Game? A. Our experience is this... Minimum: Part of what makes The Money Game work so well and be so much fun is the energy that is created during the game. The music helps create the environment but [...]

So What IS The Money Game?

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We recently answered some basic questions about The Money Game from a Brazilian reporter. Thought you might enjoy the answers and that they will give you text to use in promoting your own Money Game Days! Enjoy... Q. Could you describe The Money Game? What exactly is it and how does it work? The Money [...]

Can I teach The Money Game in a Short Time Frame?

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Q. I am trying to figure out how to offer The Money Game. I want to do it in schools as well as part of a Park District Class/Course but don't know if it is two classes of 2 hours each or what. A. Two classes of 2 hours each will work if you are [...]

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