This Affiliate Tools Page contains all the tools you need to promote The Money Game and generate your OWN passive income for yourself and your family…everyone I know loves passive income!

It’s easy to create passive income for yourself while helping teachers, youth leaders, parents and others prepare kids, teens and adults to handle money wisely and invest for the futures with The Money Game.

Here are at least 8 ways to promote the game
to your friends, family, followers & customers:

  • Send prepared emails (single or series) to your contact base.
  • Place one or more text links or Money Game logos or banners on your existing website.
  • Create a simple website or financial education blog to promote the program. There’s plenty of great financial education domain names out there to choose from.
  • Tweet about it.
  • Put updates on your Facebook pages or newsfeeds.
  • Use it on any of your favorite social media sites.
  • Post an article about teaching children about money on your website or blog with a link back to The Money Game. Feel free to use any article on these two blogs:

What’s In It For You!
(i.e., your commissions)

  • The Money Game Downloadable version – $25 per sale)
  • The Money Game Ready-to-Play version – $50 per sale)

All commissions are paid on the first of every month 60 days following the sale. This provides for enough time for an occasional refund to be processed though we’ve never been asked for to refund a purchase!). This way you are never docked for returns!

  • Website Banners (see below)
  • Emails to Copy, paste and email to your different lists
  • Facebook Updates, Tweets and Text Ads
  • Marketing lingo
  • Logos, product images

Your Basic Affiliate Link is:

This link takes people to: www.winthemoneygame.com/winning.php

If you want to send people to a specific page on the website, add the following code to the end of your affiliate link: &p=www.WinTheMoneyGame.com/nameofspecificpage

NOTE: there is no http in the above code!

We will be creating a video optin in a few weeks as well.

Here is a basic email you can use to promote The Money Game to people.


  1. Feel free to customize it so that is sounds like it’s coming from you.
  2. Be sure to sign your name at the bottom of the email. You’d be surprised at how many affiliate emails I get that say, “Your signature” at the bottom!
  3. When you copy it into your email program, shorter the paragraphs for easier reading.
  4. If you want to shorten your affiliate link in your emails and such, you can do so at this site: http://tinyurl.com/


Affiliate Tools


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Tweet 1

Check out this revolutionary new financial literacy game that teaches kids about money and investing. %%AFF_LINK%%

Tweet 2

Imagine a world where kids grow into adults who know how to make, manage and multiply their money wisely. Check out The Money Game! %%AFF_LINK%%

Tweet 3

A revolutionary new way to teach kids and teens about money…The Money Game. Check it out! %%AFF_LINK%%

Tweet 4

Wanna make the world a happier place? Teach kids about money with The Money Game! %%AFF_LINK%%

Tweet 5

The Money Game is the game most adults wished they played BEFORE they left home. Find out more here: %%AFF_LINK%%

Tweet 6

Maximize your student’s future success w/ @ElisabethDonat’s NEW Money Game! %%AFF_LINK%%

Tweet 7

Financial education brainchild…The Money Game. %%AFF_LINK%%

Tweet 8

Proven step-by-step financial literacy game…The Money Game by @Elisabeth Donati Act quickly before the launch price goes up! %%AFF_LINK%%

Tweet 9

Brand NEW financial game from @ElisabethDonati – The Money Game. Start making a difference today! %%AFF_LINK%%

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Marketing Language

Marketing Language 1

The Money Game is a revolutionary new financial education game where the players are the pieces and the lessons last a lifetime!

Marketing Language 2

The Money Game is a physical, interactive financial education game for anyone wanting to teach basic personal management and wealth creation principles.

Marketing Language 3

The Money Game is a physical, interactive financial education game for anyone wanting to teach basic personal management and wealth creation principles. Using the power of accelerated learning principles and fun, kids, teens and adults learn what it takes to be financially free.

Marketing Language 4

The Money Game is a financial literacy game where the ‘players’ are the pieces! It’s the best way for children, teens AND adults to learn what it takes to create financial freedom and learn how to win The Money Game.

Marketing Language 5

The Money Game® is a revolutionary new way to each kids, teens and adults the basic money management and wealth creation principles that will set them free!

Marketing Language 6

The Money Game is the revolutionary new financial education program that teaching kids and teens about money by letting them experience money in an experiential, activity-based simulation game that is a blast to play and teach.

Marketing Language 7

For every child we teach about money, there will be one less adult who needs financial first aid later.

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Logos and Product Shot Images for websites/blogs/store

Here’s a smaller version of the logo

Here’s a larger version of the logo

Here’s the game image

Here’s a bigger version of the game image

Here’s am image with the logo and game

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http://www.creativewealthintl.org/cwi-blog or http://www.ultimateallowancebook.com/blog

Or use one of our articles…

10 Ways To Make Financial Education Fun and Effective

Let us know what else you need to be successful!

To Your Success,

elisabeth donati