Over the course of the last few years as we developed The Money Game, we have gotten tons of testimonials and releasing the game is bringing even more. It’s one thing for US to tell you how great the game is…it’s totally another to hear it from others.

I’m hope these comments will assure you that The Money Game really is the best choice when it comes to financial literacy programs and games for all ages.


Yesterday was fabulous!!!  The teens L-O-V-E-D playing The Money Game.  Getting them up, moving, and the background music helped make it fun.  Pictures to follow when I get them.  Aside from a complaint abut the small size of their paychecks, it went off without a glitch.  Thanks for getting it to me in time for the class on Saturday.

~ Patricia


“My class is loving the game! It was very kind and generous of you to send it along. What a blast! It will be even better as I get accustomed to it.”

~ R House


Hi Elisabeth,

“We had a great time playing the game the week before last week Thursday and Friday and there were 21 young people (9-17) and 4 adults who attended. 11 boys and 10 girls. All the adults were women.

I had them preregister at church the week before, and when they signed in they got a t-shirt with a logo. It was a surprise (I had my two daughters estimate the t-shirt sizes for the participants). White for small and goldenrod for the other sizes. Attached is a picture. Everyone got an around the neck name tag and we decorated it with small motivational stickers and had the recipient write their own name.

The icebreaker you sent came just at the right time and they had a blast with it. I chose a piano piece by George Gershwin as the music and it was fine. I think the title is Maple Rag.

It appears that the younger boys have a shorter attention span than the girls so I adjusted to address it the next evening (gave a little more attention and assigned older kids to assist).

We closed out the money game and the next day presented them with their “Diploma’s”. They were so excited. We will do it over more days next year.

Thanks for all your help we all had a blast. The adults got the report and are eager for their turn. The adult money school is scheduled for September 19.

I really appreciate all your help and for creating the game. I want to attend the Train the Trainer later in the year.”

~ Steve B


Comments from participants after recent Money Game Teacher Training:

“Awesome training! Worth the time to come. Tons of energy and information…one of the best trainings for money I’ve been to. Thank you!”

~ C. Rickenburg


“Wonderful interactive training techniques. The Money Game is innovative and creative…can’t wait to play it with our kids.”

~ S. Kinlar


“Awesome training. It provided many new tools and teaching methods I can implement right away…for myself AND our youth. Thanks!”

~ B. Willard


“The Money Game is one of the best money management programs for youth that I have ever encountered. The game is highly interactive and it gives youth a realistic view of what happens in the real world with money after you earn it. Thanks!!!”

~ S. Dalcoe


“The Money Game training was interactive, engaging and has really transformed the way I think about managing money in my personal life. I look forward to providing this training in Edgecombe County and sharing  this new knowledge and experience with others:-).”

~ J. Hawkins