Supply and Demand Activity Lesson

Supply and demand is as basic an economic lesson as it gets when you’re talking about teaching kids and teens about money.

In this incredibly fun and active financial education lesson, you’re going to play Musical Chairs in a while new way with a great debrief at the end to the concepts behind supply and demand home.

This is a classic example of the accelerated learning principle called Experience Before Content where the learner experiences ‘something’ but doesn’t know what he’s learned until the debrief. It’s one of the most brilliant ways to teach. It creates huge Ah-has all around.

So, get out the chairs and some play money and enjoy. For those of you not signed up for our Major League Players Program, I’ve made the silly video available to all so you can see what fun you’re missing! And yes, that’s Elisabeth laughing behind the camera!

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What you have below is the Lesson and a video related to the activity. Enjoy…and be ready to laugh because this activity is very fun!

About the Author:

My name is Elisabeth Donati and I started teaching financial education because NO ONE TAUGHT ME! If you're looking for financial education tools and lessons that are Fun, Effective, Engaging, and Entertaining, you are in the Right Place! We can't wait to help you teach others about money.

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