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Money Game Program – Supplies List

After doing several short one-day programs where I focus mostly on The Money Game and maybe add one or more Extra Activities, I have developed a basic supplies list that I always use to make sure I haven't forgotten anything (because there's nothing more frustrating and embarrassing then forgetting one or more of the supplies

Moving Out! for Teens Makes Learning How to be an Adult Fun!

Back by popular demand, parents this summer have the rare opportunity let someone else make sure their teens know exactly what it’s going to take to move out and live on their own. Most parents admit they wished they’d learned this stuff when before they moved out. This summer, teenagers can spend 3 fun-filled days

  • Pay Yourself First

Pay Yourself First – Repeat Over and Over Again Until Financially Free

When we play The Money Game with kids, teens and adults, we like to focus on the financial habits it takes to become financially free. We compare the habits of financial free, rich, wealthy people with poor people and yes, they are poor. You can call them low-income if you want because you think it

Financial Literacy and Social Media

We all know that financial literacy 'should' be a required subject in our schools, preparing our kids and teens to go out into the world and not only handle money wisely but be able to invest it so it works for them instead of them always working for it. We also know that people all

Penny a Day vs. Millionaire Dollars Activity Lesson

Our Penny Vs. Million Dollars Activity has to do with compound growth and is a great way to get anyone to understand the power of money invested over time. Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying that "compound interest is the most powerful force in the Universe" and adults who don't understand investing often say that compound interest is the most important thing for kids to learn.

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