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F.A.Q. What if I want more advanced training for The Money Game?

Great question! Several Money Game Coaches have asked us for additional training so we thought we'd give you the answers right here on your website. As you might have noticed when you watched The Money Game training videos, on the website or at home using the DVD you received in your Ready-to-Play Money Game, there's

What Do I Charge For A Money Game Day?

Another great question. I've got it from many people over the years in regard to offering week-long or short format Camp Millionaire programs to school, park & rec departments, YMCAs, etc. Here are my suggestions. Step 1: Decide on the best format for your market. Ideas... All day program of at least 3 hours to

The Money Game Teleseminar Transcribed

If you missed the original teleseminar we did on The Money Game but don't want to listen to, you can read what we talked about here. My suggestion is to print it out, find yourself a little tea and enjoy... Here we go... "Hi and Welcome to The Money Game Teleseminar My name is Elisabeth